An Ode to Craftsmanship

So often a primary residence becomes an ever-growing mix of the ephemera of one’s daily life. Starting again on a vacation dwelling, it’s nice to be able to take one central idea and build the entire house around it. San Francisco architect Shay Zak wanted this Big Island home to celebrate its location. One of the key elements is the dropped windows close to the floor, which take advantage of all the views.

Interior designer Mary Philpotts works with the owners to keep the furnishings harmonious and compatible to the ambience of the home itself. Together they search for and commissioned furnishings. Even the frames on the owner’s collection of painters Avi Kiriaty’s work were custom-made by local artisan Don Wilkenson. The dining table, with a foot ledge on the trestle base, was carefully crafted by Martin & MacArthur. Then the entire table was lightly scraped to give it a rippling finish by sunlight and candlelight.